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BQ65622 St Laurent Golden
  • Product Name:BQ65622 St Laurent Golden
  • Weight: 20 MM= 241 Kg/pc; 30 MM= 361 Kg/pc
  • Dimension:3200 x 1600 MM (126”x63”)
  • Surface:Polished
  • Thickness:20 MM / 30 MM
  • Delivery:15-30 days after order confirmed
Product Details

  •  XIAMEN BROTHER STONE R&D team is dedicated to developing unique and innovative colors, and is also very experienced to match color for clients. According to clients’ original sample, similarity could be up to 90%-95%.
  • According to clients’ sample, with familiarity in this field and good cooperation with other partners, we could also propose most similar colors, which is more beneficial for and preferred by clients. 
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